Corporate Art Programme

The Arts in many ways facilitates development of skills & competencies at various levels. These are the same competencies required to perform well at work. The focus is on the role arts can play in reenergizing the workforce that is central to our social & economic life. Our belief is that The Arts are an integral part of our life, and if embedded in the cross-sectoral rejuvenation activities, can contribute to constructive & enduring economic, social & cultural change in communities. Untitled Arts offers customised arts based learning & development solutions.

Arts for Employee Learning & Org Development (L&D)

  • Theatre, music, Dance & visual art as a tool / medium for soft skill & behavioural skills training
  • The process of Arts as a simulator for organisational learning

Arts for Employee Engagement & Enrichment

  • Personal enrichment through Art education
  • Art labs for employee’s family through workshops
  • Art workshops for fun & stress busting